Joseph W. Carpenter

Joseph Carpenter lives in New Mexico, which really is the land of enchantment. Maybe he came from the land of giants as well, seeing as how he is seven feet tall.

Joseph works as a technology consultant, helping small and medium businesses get the most from their networked computers and other equipment: http://www.bigbear-it/com/bigbear/

Joseph volunteers as youth coach for basketball and is an advocate for youth sports:

Joseph is also a co-founder of the NM Chapter of the Vasculitis Foundation:

Joseph is the webmaster for his family's genealogy project:

Joseph uses SmugMug to host galleries with a growing number of family images. Here you will find images of persons alive and also some who are no longer among the living. We love to connect to those roots, and now with SmugMug, we have a way to preserve the photographic history of our family.